If you think that someone is listening to your conversation or is watching you with a hidden camera, a bug detector will help you find the hidden microphone or camera. Our bug detector acts as a sweeper. You can turn it on, walk through a room and find any hidden devices. If any frequencies are detected, the bug detector will notify you. The frequency detector must be within one foot of a wireless device before it can determine the frequency. Both detectors have a strength meter which measures how close you are to the bug. When searching your home or office for bugs, be sure to search everywhere. Bugs come in many shapes and sizes, some being smaller than a penny.
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Aceco Bug Detector with Strength Meter
High quality hand held bug detector great for detecting wireless audio/video products. Built-in signal strength meter and sensitivity control. Full detection range from 1 MHz to 3 GHz. Disclaimer, Release,...
Aceco Digital High End Frequency Counter Bug Detector
This hand-held radio frequency counter is compact, truly pocket-sized, versatile test instrument designed for measuring any digital, on/off keying or analog signal on frequencies between 30 MHz and 2.8...