C.O.P.S. (Combined Options Protection System)© is a self-protection and self-defense system combining the Martial Arts of Aikido, Isshinryu, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. C.O.P.S. also includes experience gained in the fields of Security, Executive Protection, and Law Enforcement and 37 subject areas, divided into modules (Home and Public). These modules teach the student situational awareness in such areas as Active Shooter, Property Marking, Carjacking Tips, and many more. The learning environment of the total system consists of lectures and sample applications conducted in the classroom, along with sample and practical applications conducted in the Dojo. Students wear casual attire in the classroom and a traditional Gi in the Dojo. The Gi provides a useful working tool, that regular clothing does not, when various techniques are taught and practiced. A color belt system is used to show progress and knowledge of the system. Certificates are awarded for each belt. International Certification is made available via the ICMAUA (International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association). C.O.P.S. was designed by Frederick W. James, Jr. (Aikido, Isshinryu, Tae Kwon Do), along with Troy W. Dennison (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, U.S. Army Combatives), David B. Wilson (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, U.S. Army Combatives) and Keith E. Shepherd (U.S. Army Combatives, Protective Service Detail Agent). James, Dennison, Wilson, and Shepherd are all Veterans and Active Duty Federal Law Enforcement Officers.  


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