Mace® is the commonly used trademark of Chemical Mace, the brand name of an early type of aerosol self-defense spray invented by Mr. Allan Lee Litman in 1965. The first commercial product of its type, Litman’s design packaged phenacyl chloride (CN) tear gas dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents into a small aerosol spray can. The spray is usable in almost any environment and strong enough (when sprayed in the face) to act as a credible deterrent and incapacitant. Its popularity led to the brand name being shortened to simply “Mace” for all defense sprays (regardless of the composition). Mace® Brand Pepper sprays are a careful blend of oleoresin capsicum (OC) in a non-flammable vehicle. Mace® manufactures several different formulas - many of which include ultraviolet (UV) dye to help identify a possible assailant and tear gas for an extra punch – in a variety of models and spray patterns. Mace® Defensive Sprays are formulated to be an effective, less-than-lethal means of self-defense.  Check the Counter Display Section for volume discounts!

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