Personal Alarms are those self defense items that emit an audible sound when activated signaling that you are in trouble.  They are designed to be carried, attached to items of high value, or mounted on a door for hotel safety.
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Amres Nap Alarm
The NAP ALARM is for anyone who has ever felt drowsy while driving. Some of us have actually fallen asleep only to be awakened by the blaring horn of an oncoming car. Nap Alarm is an innovative, potentially...
Mace Screecher Alarm
The Mace SCREECHER AEROSOL ALARM emits an "ear-piercing" blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help. Its high-pitched shriek can be heard up to 1/4 mile away. Convenient size for pocket or...
SafeFamilyLife Key Finder
The Safe Family Life Key Finder has many uses. It can be used to keep track of your keys, wallet, or any item you misplace on a regular basis. The Remote Key Finder is very convenient and easy to use....
Safety Technology 2N1 Personal and Burglar Alarm
This is a 2N1 PERSONAL/DOOR ALARM. It acts as a burglar alarm and a personal alarm. Hang it on any door knob (non-metallic doors) and it instantly and automatically sounds when an intruder touches the...
Safety Technology 3N1 Personal Alarm with Light
The new 3 IN 1 130db PERSONAL ALARM WITH LIGHT is the only alarm that can act as a flashlight, personal alarm, laptop computer alarm, and window or door alarm. It has 2 attachments. The first is a standard...
Safety Technology Alarm with Light
The sleek, slim design of this PERSONAL ALARM WITH FLASHLIGHT fits easily into small hands, purses and even a pocket. Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5" x 0.5". The activation pin is connected to a wrist strap and...