Alpha Force Omega LLC is a Virginia Company established by those who are truly concerned for your safety in this time of increased personal threat. Our mission encompasses “SAVE”:

Save Lives - Yours, Your Family, Your Friends, Your Colleagues.

Advise – Provide Education on Personal, Home and Business Security.

Various – Multiple Security Methods and Products.

Engage – Obtain Products and Services of Alpha Force Omega, LLC.

Alpha Force Omega provides non-lethal self-defense products for personal, home and business use.   Alpha Force Omega offers the best products available in the Personal Protection Industry such as - Stun Guns, TASER®, Wildfire™ Pepper Spray, MACE® Defensive Spray, Pepper Shot™ Pepper Spray, SafeFamilyLife™ Kits, Hidden Cameras, Surveillance Equipment, and much more! We provide Training (Personal, Home and Business Security) and Consulting Services (Personal, Home, Business and Attorneys).

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